Bradley Needham & Co. is initiating an advanced automated customer service platform that is AL and Fintec driven:

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DF Global Robo-Advisor

No matter what type of wealth management protocol or asset allocation decision regime, technology is moving rapidly via Fintec developments. Our financial customers now benefit from access to this valuable intelligence.

At Bradley Needham & Co. we are seeking to introduce new pathways to build digital relationships with our financial clients.

Every Financial Firm is Struggling With Technology Solutions and Applications that truly add value to customers and the firm.

Robo-advisors or Robo-advisers are a class of financial advisor that provide financial advice or wealth management online with moderate to minimal human intervention. They provide digital financial advice based on mathematical rules or algorithms. These algorithms are executed by software and thus financial advice do not require a human advisor. The software utilizes its algorithms to automatically allocate, manage and optimize clients' assets. Clients can choose between offerings with passive asset allocation techniques or active asset management styles.

Robo-Advisors are a completely new approach to the customer / firm / advisor interaction surrounding investment decisions.

We’re talking about the scope of Robo-advisors:

  • Depth of research - each element of the Robo-Advisor platform generates scores of insights, revelations and facts that adding-up to literally hundreds of ways for your clients to independently make investment decisions and improve the effectiveness.
  • Global scope - the researchers behind the platform development examined the current digital efforts of dozens of robo-advisors, plus the capabilities of scores of digital vendors, consultants and fintech firms around the world.
  • Expert analysis - the authors of these materials have decades of experience in the financial services industry and have spent hundreds of hours researching the intersection of the digital world and the financial world to give you insights you'd never come up with on your own.
  • Honest evaluation - the authors not only praise companies that are getting digitalization right, they call out the firms that are falling behind.

DF Global Robo-Advisor Relies on Benchmarking

Benchmarking gives you a panoramic view of how the robo-advisor landscape is diversifying, and how some players are focusing more on financial planning and others putting more effort into traditional wealth management.

Our product development team analyzed these robo-advisors based on different stages of the client journey, including client onboarding, financial planning, portfolio management, client coaching, client engagement, and retention.

Just a small sample our discoveries include:

  • The average robo-advisor still fails to provide an end-to-end digital platform
  • Most robo-advisors are a digital one-trick pony
  • Mostrobo-advisor platforms, we found, fail to clearly identify their target markets
  • The shockingly low percentage of robo-advisors that fail to provide a dedicated mobile app
  • Major dangers of poorly-implemented digitalization that could sabotage a firm’s entire technology future
  • Why Robo- Advisor financial planning is not yet on the radar of many customer product providers
So, We Ask Ourselves How to Build The Best Robo-Advisor Platform—Solutions and Vendors for Automated Investment Services.

Our experiences demonstrate how financial institutions can make the most of B2B robo-advisors and which solution fits the best.

We also discovered the globally leading B2B solutions that are there to assist wealth managers and private banks to leverage their B2C business. We looked at the five leading B2B robo-advisors and dove into what they're doing to earn their position. Here are a few of our key findings.

  • Specialized and 'technology first' providers are noteworthy players in the B2B fintech space
  • How and why a hybrid form of human vs. automated advice is gaining momentum
  • Flat-rate and usage-based pricing structures are becoming increasingly common
  • The different approaches vendors are taking to risk assessment
  • Why flexibility, adaptability, and ease of integration are the lead characteristics of what makes a B2B robo-advisor competitive
Investors' Attitudes Towards Robo-Advisors are Important.

The robo-advisor market is maturing and more new providers are flocking into the market each month. Established wealth managers are coming up with their own robo platforms, heating up competition and raising service standards.

Investors' Attitudes Towards Robo-Advisors surveyed respondents from key private wealth markets in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Switzerland for their opinions about automated investment platforms, the investment tasks they would consider getting support from a robo-advisor, the technical features a robo-advisor should provide, and a robust choice matrix.

  • There is already great openness towards robo-advisors, especially among the younger and high-net-worth segments
  • Robo-advisors need to keep up with expectations
  • Being aware or how our investors feel about robo-advisors
  • Financial planning should be an integral part of robo advice
  • Most investors think that financial knowledge should be an element of client assessment
  • Wealth managers can realize significant tangible benefits from digital account integration
Wealthy and Affluent Self-Directed Investors – Wealth Managers Can Win Them Back as well as New Self Directed Customers.

Self-directed wealthy investors are one of the biggest current threats to traditional wealth management firms. Not only is this client segment here to stay, their wealth continues to grow steadily. Further, the needs of this client segment are becoming more complex, akin to the needs and requirements of a more traditional high-net worth (HNW) clientele.

Using data from a recent “My Private Banking” panel survey, we profiled the current self-directed investor providing key insights necessary for recruiting and retaining these valuable clients back into a traditional advisory mandate. Explains why the impact of self-directed investing on traditional wealth management models cannot be ignored.

This Is why we, at Bradley Needham & Co., will be launching our new platform; DF Global Robo-Advisor (early 2019).


  • Financial Advisors need to give investors more control
  • The importance of developing and maintaining a cutting-edge online brokerage platform that enhances the client journey
  • Global Robo-Advisor Benchmarking criteria
  • Wealthy and Affluent Self-Directed Investors are an important and growing customer segment.

Contact Us on how a Robo-Advisor Platform can help the self-directed investor client improve efficiency and results.